"The couple of the year"

Osvaldo Laport and Soledad Silveyra are the romantic couple that better works on the television screen this year. They have chemistry; rating and they lead the most seen cast of the Argentine melodramatic soaps broadcasted on television in 2005. There was not so much thinking to do to find a couple that could work on TV.  Osvaldo Laport and Soledad Silveyra, who shared the success of “Champions”, agreed to get together to play the leading roles in “Love in Custody”. And in the year of big bets, they can celebrate being the couple of the year 2005.
Laport and Solita, who knew how to play Guevara and Clara in “Champions”, beat the couples put together by other productions. The soap broadcast on television went beyond 20 points in rating figures every day and even achieved peaks that went up to 26. Almost all the couples, a priori, seemed to be stronger bets, but chemistry did not make out well and they will not remain in the audiences’ memory. Guevara and Clara before, Paz Achaval and Juan Manuel Aguirre now, Osvaldo and Soledad have a natural chemistry. And although there were not too many hopes in Enrique Estevanez's product, they managed to consolidate it like one of the most successful soaps of the year. “Love in custody” was thought to be a transitional culebrón. Telefé original idea was to broadcast for six months, waiting for a soap with Juan Darthés in the leading role. But numbers rule and Darthés had to wait until 2006. “Love in Custody” was kept on the air. Gabriel Corrado and Laura Novoa in “Men of honour”; Damián De Santo and Romina Yan in “My Love”; Nicolás Vázquez and Gianella Neyra in “Who is the boss?” ; Mariano Martínez and Sabrina Garciarena in “A especial family” are the four couples joined this year with the aim of turning them into memorable ones. Some are doing better than others, but any of them will remain in history as Guevara and Clara did; Sánchez (Miguel angel Rodriguez) and Lola (Millie Stegman) in “Son Amores”; Roxy (Mercedes Morán)) and Panigassi (Juan Leyrado) in “Gasoleros”; and even Clara Guerrico (Nancy Dupláa) and Father John (Facundo Arana) last year in “Father Courage”.

Of all the television loves of 2005, the one belonging to Paz and Juan Manuel seems to be the only one to last in the viewers' memory.  How are they doing so far? Paz seemed to have symptoms of pregnancy but doctors discovered a lump in one of her ovaries. Juan Manuel, found out that Paz is his wife’s (Claudia Fontán) sister, finds the favourable moment to come closer. This is only the tip of the iceberg in the trap of conflicts that actors of “Love in custody” have to overcome. This story obeys the parameters of a classical culebrón in the first and second leading roles, and that makes it still more attractive. As to Laport and Solita in particular, we have to say that they shine thanks to the chemistry that joins them and to the special attributes that turned them into popular and best-selling actors. He keeps on showing his muscles and his skills to play any role. He learned how to box, in “Champions”, in “Franco Buenaventura” he took Tango classes and now, and due to the fact that he plays a bodyguard who falls in love with his boss, took up capoeira lessons, a discipline that is applicable every time that he is supposed to get into a fight with somebody. Silveyra managed to play a very different character from her Mercedes in “The desire” on Telefé in 2004. Like Laport, Solita also showed her beauty. And they showed their beauty when the episode of the first sexual encounter arrived. With a classic, melodramatic soap Solita and Laport gave an answer, on the screen, to a few producers that were asking themselves who to call to join as a couple.